Welcome to Brand Columbus

The Columbus logo is flexible enough for almost any company, organization or group to use. We welcome your participation and encourage you to become a real and visible part of moving our city forward. The brand is open for use to anyone who wishes to promote Columbus, Ohio.

Sample logos

Using the Logo

The primary Columbus logo is available as a download and can be added to your existing materials. Some ideas for incorporation:

  • Add the logo to your website, social media sites, other online properties, business cards and letterhead.
  • In your efforts to bring visitors and new residents to our city, use the Columbus logo and other materials on this website to help tell the story.

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Guidelines document

Download Guidelines

This guide will help you understand how to become part of the new look for the city.

Download the brand standards PDF below and work with your agency of choice to incorporate this branding into your promotional materials.

Share your work and see how others are using the Columbus brand on our Brand Advocates page.

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Logo use example

Using the logo with yours

If Columbus is already part of your existing logo, a few simple treatment changes will freshen it to reflect the new branding. To maintain consistency, follow these simple guidelines.

Option 1

Good example

You can incorporate the new Columbus branding into your logo by changing the color of the 'us.'

Option 2

Better example

Place a five-point star over the 'u' and change the color of the 'us.' The star should be the same color as 'columb' and must be centered over the 'u.' The size relationship between the star and the 'u' from the original Columbus word mark should be retained.

Option 3

Best example

Integrate the official Columbus word mark into your logo. You may change the two colors of the word mark to match your logo, but you cannot alter its structure. The star must be the same color as the 'columb.'